Wednesday, May 16, 2007

G-ma and G-pa

This weekend G-ma and G-pa came to visit Avery! They hadn't seen her since February so she had changed a lot! She had a great time hanging out with them and I know they enjoyed their time with her as well! We wish they lived closer (they live in Illinois) so they could watch Avery grow. We were glad they came down for Mother's Day and for Avery's dedication at church.

G-ma, G-pa and Avery going on a walk

G-pa and Avery on the porch swing

Avery also tried sweet potatoes on Monday which she seemed to like a lot better than the peas! The peas made her gag!! She enjoys holding the spoon and "feeding herself". I try to keep her hands away from her mouth and the food so we work on grabbing the handle of the spoon and it seems to distract her! Plus, it's pretty cute!!

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teri stone said...

hey casey! i love reading your blog and catching up on your precious avery. i just read where you quit your job. i know you won't regret it. i am fixing to go back to work after 8 years at home and i wouldn't trade that time for anything!!! give everyone hugs from us! love, teri