Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are you ready for some football??

**Scroll down--I posted several blogs today**

Well it's that time of year again! FOOTBALL SEASON! Go Tigers!


Nikki C. said...

Okay...these are PRECIOUS!!!! So, when I have a are going to make her bows and Lisa will make dresses???? If I ever have a boy we will change to no bows, and not dresses of course:) She is beautiful!!!! I cannot believe how grown up she is looking! LOVE THE PIG TAILS!!!!!!

Jason, Julie, and Ian said... I commented on your blog way back in July...and it didn't seem to do ANY good...because it's been like 2 months since you blogged!! I need to know you're going to be a regular blogger Ms. Casey and that you're actually going to check your comments before I leave comments! JK I'm just messing with you!

Seriously, I was really excited to see you updated your blog!

Avery is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE LOVE her pigtails! She looks like a mini Casey! Not that you ever wore pigtails during our Clemson days...but her face is a miniature you. She's sweet! They grow too fast don't they?!

Jason and I were at that game too...but haven't been brave enough to take Ian yet. We are taking him to the GA Tech game though. So, if you're there...text me and maybe we could meet up for a few mins!

Keep up the blogging I can keep up with you!