Friday, March 16, 2007

Rolling Over

Avery rolled over from her stomach to her back today! I didn't get to see it, but Louis was there! He had her propped up a little with a blanket under her chest for tummy time and he said she got mad (she's not a huge fan of tummy time) and just started rotating and she just rolled right on over! Of course, I'm sure it was just an accident because she was upset but still it's a first!! Too bad she can't seem to do it again b/c it's a great way to get out of having tummy time!! haha


Chris & Emily said...

hey Casey - I found your blog through becca's. I was reading through your posts and just wanted to say they we swaddled Cort at night until I think between 4-5 months. He slept so much better so don't worry - she'll out grow before prom!!! Also, Cort was a little older but when we put him on formula we went to the gentlease as well(he had HORRIBLE reflux) but Target makes a generic of it that is a lot cheaper and has all teh same stuff in it - Cort did very well with it - just FYI if you are interested.

Chris & Emily said...

we quickly went to prevacid too - it def. made a bigger difference than the zantac but honestly we still went through some rough times. Cort projectile vomited until he was 4 months old and did not eat well at all. He was def. the type to refuse food because of the pain. At 3 months we had to do the prevacid 2x a day and that seemed to be better than 1. We never did the cereal but I was nursing until 5 months. Things did get a little better when we started solids but mainily we just had to be patient and let time pass. We probably had the biggest turn around at 6-7 months and another big one at 9 or so. we took him off his prevacid at a year and he does just fine now - he is much happier without the bottles. Lots of babies grow out of it earlier than that so hope your daughter does. Sorry I don't have a ton of tips - nothing besides the normal - keep them elevated, small feeds, etc. Hope it gets better soon. you can email me directly if you want -

GrOwTh SpUrTs said...

Looking at the pics you added and she is so cute! I think she looks a lot like you! Which she is your daughter so it would make sense right? Anyway, very adorable, just thought you should know.