Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What a big girl!

So I decided to try out the bumbo seat today. I figured Avery can support her head pretty well and I just wanted to see how she did even if only for a second or two. Well, turns out the my baby is so short that the back of the seat supports her head for her! It is really quite funny (and cute). At first she really didn't know what to think and looked a bit perplexed. But, then she started watching TV and just sat in it contently! We call it her "big girl seat" and I think she's going to love it!

The weather her today was wonderful! Almost 80 degrees! When I got home from work, Papa had put together her big girl stroller. (We've been using a Snap-n-Go stroller b/c her carseat is navy and all the Graco strollers were black/gray.....I'm weird about matching!) We borrowed her carseat from Louis' cousin since they only used it for 6 months and that's why we don't have a matching travel system. Anyway, when I got home I decided to take Avery out for a walk because the weather was so nice. She likes her big girl stroller so much better b/c the canopy can rotate so that the sun isn't in her eyes as bad.

My little baby is growing up too fast! We had a lot of "firsts" today!


Tallon said...

glad things are going well. she is a cutie!! looking forward to seeing the pics=) we are enjoying the weather here also=) I LOVE SPRINGTIME!

GrOwTh SpUrTs said...

Don't ya love the Bumbo seat! Great parent invention! Good to see she is doing so well and that you guys survived your first ER visit, those are NEVER fun! I have had too many to count it seems. Lydia tends to spike really high fevers and my son is just accident prone sometimes. Not to count the ER visits for myself and my numerous medical issues. The hubby and I were just looking at pics of the kiddos when we brought them home from the hospital and time just never slows down. It seems like 2 days ago my son was born and now he'll be 5 in four months! And my baby will be 2 in around the same time! So surreal and hard to believe! Anyway, enjoy the warm weather (not so lucky here in Illinois, and enjoy being a mom. Both are fabulous!

jill said...

How sweet! She is beautiful, Casey! Andrea had the same color Bumbo as well, Great minds, right?:)