Monday, June 09, 2008

Our weekend

Mimi and Abuelo came into town for the weekend. I think they had a great time with Avery. Avery did great minus Saturday night dinner. Not sure what happened but she was just NOT in the mood to eat at Outback and I ended up getting my food to go and taking her home and putting her to bed. So out of the norm for her as she is usually so happy and well-behaved. She just looked exhausted even though she had had 2 great naps so who knows. All was well the next morning, though. I was so proud that she walked into her room at the church nursery and did not cry one bit! Whew! Usually she screams for a minute or 2 after we leave, but not yesterday. They said she just whined every now and then asking about us but other than that was happy!

I had to stay and keep nursery for the 1030a service so Louis and Abuelo took Avery home for her morning nap. I think Abuelo finally got some love from her before he had to leave so I know that made him happy.

Last night we had our LifeGroup over for an "end-of-the-season" dinner. The group had decided on having Salsarita's catered in instead of our usual potluck. It was kinda nice not having to cook for a change. We had a great time. The kids played well together and Avery went to bed without a problem. She is such a good sleeper.....7:30 rolls around and she's down for the count no matter what's going on in the rest of the house! After we put Avery to bed we played a couple games and just had some good fellowship with each other. I love being a part of this has been such a blessing! I've got some pictures, but am hesitant to put pictures of other people's children on the blog without permission so I'll hold off for now.

Tomorrow Avery and I will go over to Amanda's and keep Andrew for a while. Avery and Andrew are 3 months apart in age and it is fun to see them interact. And, I'm glad that I can help such a good friend out b/c I can't imagine not having family in the area to watch Avery.

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Marsha Byers Mays said...

I love her flip flop dress. She is the cutest little girl ever. She looks more and more like you everytime I see a new picture. Hope all is well.