Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Into Everything...


Anything that can be climbed into, will be climbed into.

Her drawer in the kitchen...

Her toy box.....

Her book "basket"....

My old cradle that now holds her stuffed animals....

Probably her favorite to get in and out of.......her old Bumbo!

Her language is really starting to explode. Her current words:
* Mama
* Dada
* Papa
* nana (banana)
* mimi (milk, sorry Mimi!)
* baba (this one is tough....it can mean ball, bow, sheep, book, or byebye....have to use context to figure it out)
* nightnight (her lovey)
* shoes
* frof (frog...one of her cribmates)
* bear
* dis (this?)
* dat (that?)
* meow meow (Bailey's new name apparently)
* bub bub (bubbles)
* ishhhh (fish)
She uses signs for eat, more, please, and cup. Her cup sign is unique to her, though. Not sure how what I signed turned into what she signs for that one but she gets her point across and that's what matters!

She is still riding rearfacing in the car at 17 months old and will be until she is atleast 2 years old. It is just SO much safer!

She has started blowing kisses and waving bye to us as we put her into her crib now. Crazy child! Another funny thing she does is she has started saying "shhhhew" and pulling at her clothes when she has a stinky diaper. Just this morning she did this but the diaper was just wet. I changed her anyway and not 2 min afterwards she did the "shhhew" again and sure enough she had pooped. So I guess she was telling me she was going to the first time. Smart kid, huh?

In other news....I may start watching a 4 month old for a couple months soon. His mommy is looking for a job and once she finds one I'll start watching him until Aug or Sept when his grandma is able to. Should be fun!

I'll end this long overdue rambling post with some summertime fun pictures! Enjoy! Leave a comment, too.....maybe if I realize people actually read my blog I'll actually start updating more!


Marsha Byers Mays said...

i love her memorial day/4th of july dress. she really says a lot for being so young. are you guys going on vacation anytime soon?

hope all is well....

Jeni T said...

Wow. With her hair longer she looks so much older. Too cute. Thanks for updating, hope you continue!! :)

Nick said...

She knows just enough to be good troublemaker! lol -N

Jennifer Hendrix said...

I actually check it about everyday! Thanks for the update. Too cute!!!

Nikki Culbertson said...

I am with Jennifer...seriously about everyday!!! So send updates of the cutie pie more!!!!!!!!!! :)

Julie said...

Don't worry. We aren't planning on turning Mary Addison around until she is close to 2 either. Not to mention that she just hit 20 lbs, so we couldn't have until this month anyway!