Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

We headed down to spend Easter with Mimi and Abuelo in Mt. Pleasant this year. We stopped in Summerville on the way down for lunch with Mimi, Aunt Suz and Bryan. It just so happened that Clemson was playing in the NCAA tournament that night so I had dressed Avery accordingly. I guess Mimi and Susan had the same idea.....

And she's off!

Somehow we talked Abuelo into letting the "kids" pick out a new TV before the Clemson game as the old one was on the fritz. So we headed to Circuit City and picked up a new 50 inch plasma! So much more fun to shop when it's not your money being spent! Haha! Uncle Alan came down late Friday night and on Saturday he bought Rockband. Now, Rockband is similar to Guitar Hero except there is a guitar, drums and a mic. Oh my it was hilarious! I must say that I think I'm a natural on the drums!

Here's a cool picture of 4 generations of hands. (Avery, Daddy, Mimi and Granny)

Went to church EARLY Sunday morning, home for a nap, then to a brunch. The food was wonderful, but Avery was not in the mood apparently b/c she was not a happy camper. I'm guessing it is because it was a beautiful day and we were sitting at a table outside and she didn't like not being able to run around. So, Louis took her to play in the grass and when I finished eating I took over so he could eat. Normally we would not have let her act out and then get her way, but since it was Easter and it was not just Louis and I whose meal was being affected by her crankiness we had to do what was in the best interest of the group. Other than her crankiness at lunch she did great! She still doesn't really like others to hold her, but heck.....she doesn't even like me to hold her! She's got things to do and places to go!!

The Easter Bunny brought Avery lots of goodies. She had a Boz DVD, touch and feel animal flashcards, a new book, a new hairbow, bubbles and a few plastic eggs with animal cookies inside. Here are some pictures from Easter......the rabbit is Rufus (Uncle Alan's pet). Enjoy!


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