Monday, March 03, 2008

The Resurrection of our blog

So, obviously the blog took a backseat for quite a while.'s back now and better than ever! Instead of going back and trying to "catch up" let's just suffice it to say that instead of a passive, quiet baby....

I now have a running, rambling toddler!


So what's going on with Avery now? Well, she's still a great eater. She has 12 teeth.....maybe more than that but checking without getting bit is pretty difficult now! Still a great sleeper. 12 hours at night and currently a short morning nap and long afternoon nap. I wake her from her morning nap after 45 minutes so that she will take a long afternoon nap. I follow her cues as to when I need to tweak her schedule and it's been working great! I'm nervous about the 2 to 1 nap transition, though. I hope she keeps 2 naps for a long time!

She's talking a LOT! Mostly gibberish but it is non-stop. She does say mama and dada and "nie nie" (for her night night bear). Everything else is anybody's guess.

Since moving Avery into her convertible car seat at 8 months old I've become quite obsessive about child passenger safety. Avery is still rear-facing at 14 months old and will continue to be until she is at least 2 years old. I found a wonderful message board and have learned so much on the topic of extended rear facing. I encourage everyone to check out for tons of information regarding child passenger safety.

I'll finish this post with some pictures of Avery's first set of pigtails (or alien antennae as I call them). She just gets cuter every day! I wouldn't change a thing or go back in time b/c every single day her personality grows and she just becomes so much more fun!


Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

Love the pigtails! :) We obviously were thinking the same thing.

Couple of things -- I've also become a little obsessive about the car-seat safety thing. I've been discouraged because I've been trying to talk to so many people and they've just been like, 'yeah we turned our kid at a year' and had nothing more to say about it.

Also, Adri is ALREADY down to one nap! How sad. How much older is Avery? But, for us the 2 to 1 transition was MUCH MUCH better than her continuing to fight her morning nap -- it was a miserable part of my day. So she sleeps anywhere from 12-13 hours at night and takes an hour and 15 minute nap (occasionally it's up to 2 hours) in the afternoon. She's always been a good night sleeper but never a good napper. Oh well. My next kid will be a great napper. :)

Nikki said...

I am loving the new pics! She is getting so big...and of course...I love the hair!

Marsha Byers Mays said...

We need more new pictures.

The Tibbs World said...

I love little girls with little pigtails.