Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, Daddy


I love you sooooo much. I love the way you make me laugh. I love it when you tickle me. I love it when you play with me and just spend time with me. I love it when we cuddle. I love to give you kisses! I am so glad that God chose you to be my Daddy. I LOVE YOU! Happy Father's Day!



Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Louis is a daddy. I remember holding him when he was an infant! Granted I was only 6 so I don't remember that much, but still...Avery is just adorable!! Thanks for posting these pictures! Love, Teri

GrOwTh SpUrTs said...

Okay this has nothing to do with this post, although it is sweet and Avery is a cutie. I am posting here because I have tagged you on my blog to do an 8 Random Facts Survey about yourself. To see my 8 random facts check out the post on my blog from August 8th.