Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little Tiger

On Sunday we took Avery to her first Clemson basketball game. She did great and really seemed to enjoy it! I was a bit worried b/c naptime is normally around 2pm and the game didn't start until 1:30pm but she did great! She was fascinated by all the sights and sounds and would clap and dance to Tiger Rag. We've trained her well!

Avery and I left the game at halftime and headed back to Gville. She slept about 30 min in the car and that was the extent of her afternoon nap. Oh my. Since she was awake by the time we got to Greenville we made a pitstop at Ulta and then headed home. I decided to put her in her crib to see if she would sleep anymore. Well, our child LOVES....and I mean LOVES her crib. She never did go back to sleep but happily (and mostly quietly other than some talking with night night bear) stayed in the crib for an hour. I figured quiet time was better than nothing!

That night we were having our Lifegroup end-of-the-season dinner so Avery and I went to that. Louis had to stay for a baby shower after the Clemson game so he didn't get to go. Avery did so great going on such little sleep. We pretty much had to eat and run, though to get her to bed but it was still a great time of fellowship!

Mimi had come up to visit Saturday from Mt. Pleasant. Uncle Alan came from Rock Hill to visit. Aunt Suz and Bryan came from Easley to visit. Avery had a fun-filled family weekend! Mom and Dad had a great time, too!

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