Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 P's

....Park and Playdate that is!

I decided I wanted to take Avery to the park f0r the first time Tuesday so I called up some other Mommy friends and was able to make a playdate with Andrew and his mommy Amanda at the park. I spent most of my time following Avery around as she was having a blast exploring. Most of my pictures look like this as a result....

Asked her to stop and look at Mommy.....

How dare I slow her down!

....and she's off again!

We went down the slide a few times but other than that we pretty much just walked and walked and walked around. She loves being outside and prefers to walk/run around rather than swing for now. I'm sure the new will wear off of walking outside and she'll be back to loving her swing soon!

After the park we headed back to Andrew's house to hang out while Amanda ran some errands. I put Avery down for her nap in their pack-n-play and she went right to sleep. (We had brought along her noise machine) Of course, Avery slept the entire time Amanda was gone so it was just me and Andrew hanging out. (Andrew is about 3 months younger than Avery) She woke up about 5 min before Amanda got back so we let the kids play for a bit then headed to Target for some shopping. The guys met us for dinner and my diet was broken REALLY good by some YUMMY Mexican! I couldn't resist.

It was a long, busy, but fun day!

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