Thursday, July 03, 2008

Beach Vacation-Day 5

Another morning on the beach for the girls. After Avery's nap we headed out to Broadway at the Beach. Hit up Ripley's Aquarium first.....Avery loved watching all the fish. She was not a big fan of the sharks, though. She's a quick learner. She picked out 2 stuffed animals on the way out. (Smart move making you exit through the gift shop) She picked out a baby seal (though she calls it "bear") and a frog. This child LOVES her stuffed animals!

After the aquarium we wandered around a bit and rode the big carousel. Avery wanted to ride on a "woof-woof" (dog) so we did. Halfway through she wanted on the "woof-woof" beside us. Oh my it is difficult to switch while going round and round! Luckily it was accomplished with no injuries. After the carosel we headed to find some food! Ate at a pizza joint (Avery had mac-n-cheese) and then sent her home with Grandma and Papa. Louis and I wanted a bit more and then headed home. We were home by 10:30. We are officially old married people now. haha!

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