Friday, July 04, 2008

Beach Vacation-Day 6


Mimi, Abuelo, and Uncle Alan came up to spend the morning with us on the beach. It was another (final) great morning playing on the beach! Avery had the cutest little 4th of July was SO frustrating though! Her top was very small and kept riding up. Drove me nuts. I spent all morning pulling it back down. It just was not made for the toddler shape. But it was still cute! (Gotta love her buddha belly!!)

Fed Avery lunch and put her down for the nap and then we finished preparing our 4th of July feast! On the menu: ribs, pork tenderloin, hamburgers, grilled corn, grilled asparagus, honey mustard onions, watermelon, grape salad, and baked beans. YUM!

Back out to the beach after naptime. (in a different bathing suit this time!)

After her bath she had a super cute 4th of July dress to wear. Took a few pictures, but the wind was SO strong we didn't have a great backdrop (and I forgot to grab the flag we bought for those pics, too). Avery got to stay up VERY late this last night at the beach. She had to watch the fireworks for the first time (after all....not everyone gets fireworks on thier 1/2 b-day). For the first few minutes she was a bit scared but after that every fireworks got a round of applause. She finally hit the sack around 9:45pm (about 2 hours later than usual!).

All in all our beach vacation was WONDERFUL! Lots of great memories we will always cherish!

As always here are some pics! Enjoy! (I guess I never got the afternoon pictures off my mom's camera...sorry!)

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